About Linda-Marie Miller

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Linda-Marie Miller is the First Runner-Up in the 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking. She is a Powerful and Inspirational Public Speaker, Certified Experiential Trainer and ICF Certified Ontological Coach. She has spoken internationally in more than twenty countries on six continents

Linda-Marie is an influential thought leader and trainer in the domain of leadership and public speaking.   Her signature program, “Champions of Change” is a visionary leadership development program designed to transform participants into leaders in their lives, their organizations, their families and their communities.  

As an Ontological Coach, Linda-Marie has empowered hundreds of clients to live a life of no regrets, taking themselves to the highest level of living with purpose and passion.

Linda-Marie Miller – 2019 International Humentum Conference

“Linda-Marie speaks from the heart and this is enough for people to sit up and listen. She is one of the most inspiring and AUTHENTIC speakers I have ever seen and heard.” Wardah Imtiaz

“Linda-Marie Miller is an inspiring speaker. She has a power to reach into one’s soul. Her messaging and her guidance on the art of public speaking is nothing short of transformative.” Talha bin Hamid

As the owner of Empowered Living, LLC, Linda-Marie offers trainings and coaching that inspire participants to create and live a life of no regrets. 

Linda-Marie is the founding member of The Transformational Learning Consortium, an organization that focuses on elevating the skills of Trainers, Coaches, Public Speeches and other professionals that are committed to creating a greater impact in the world.

One Shared Humanity is Linda-Marie’s latest project. She is committed to creating a world that works for everyone and where everyone gets that they matter.  By celebrating our differences and standing for equity in the world, we can create a  thriving world of possibility and hope.