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“Be” Your Message – Change the World

Speaking with impact is a powerful skill that can change your teams, your organizations and the world. By learning just a few tricks, anyone can create the change they want to manifest around them. In this engaging, inspirational and fun presentation, you will learn a few of the skills that transported Linda-Marie to becoming the 1st runner-up in the 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking. Most of the other 37,000 contestants enter every year in the hopes of making it to the final podium. Having never competed in this competition before, Linda-Marie soared straight to the top because she embodies the superpower of “Being” her message. After she touches you with her words and inspires you with her message, you will NEVER be the same!

Linda-Marie made history by soaring to the podium the first time she entered the competition

Pretending Not to Know – Unearned Racial Advantage

White Privilege is now and will forever prevent any meaningful movement in the race toward equality and equity. Well-meaning and caring people that were racialized as white are unaware of the role they play in the continuation of systemic racism and oppression. In the domain of race, Linda-Marie is known as the “Inspirational Interrupter”. She opens the hearts of minds of the very people that can make the greatest difference in creating a world tat works for everyone…a world where there is no race but the human race…One Shared Humanity.

Moment from Linda-Marie’s World Championship contest speech.


Champions of Change

The primary leadership style prevalent in most corporations today is “Command and Control” based on levels of authority and status. This approach has been proven to be destructive to productivity and employee engagement, but it continues to hinder growth in organizations. In the United States, more than $14 Billion per year is spent on investments in leadership training that is outdated and ineffective. Eighty-six percent of companies say that creating change in leadership styles is a top focus for improvement. It is estimated that $550 Billion a year is lost as a result of employee-disengagement caused by old-school management styles that don’t have employees get that they matter. 

Champions of Change is a concept that calls employees forth to stand as the source of leadership through the embodiment of certain distinctions and behaviors. The shifts that are possible in the domains of team, choice, intention and commitment profoundly change the future of a company that is committed to learning new ways of developing staff at all levels. from the CEO to the Receptionist.

This program is designed to create value for employees at all levels of the organization and at all levels of management. Most employees have a deep desire to make a difference at work, but don’t know where to begin. Managers and senior executives struggle with creating highly effective teams and being visionary leaders. On the other end of the spectrum are employees that feel disengaged from the organization’s vision and mission. They don’t understand how their role fits into the larger picture and, as a result, they have mentally and physically checked out, feeling unappreciated and ignored. All of these individuals have one thing in common…they know that there is something more that they want to create at work and in their lives, but they don’t know how to make it happen.

Participants will leave the workshop with a burning desire to take on new practices as a result of resonating with the material and the exercises introduced in the session.

Organizations will pursue change in the areas of learning and development and leadership development in their organizations and will want to take action to make that happen.

Increased employee engagement and performance and creating leaders that employees actually want to follow are only two of the reasons you’ll want to bring this powerful nine-month program to your organization. Give me a call and I’ll share the remaining 8 of the top ten reasons you need this program now.